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This in-person event will be led by CEO & Founder, Karrie R. Jackson.

Saturday, October 12, 2024
Karrie Jackson has identified a need to bring her message in front of hundreds of women in the Great Lakes region and beyond. She looks forward to having you in the room.

The time is now, and here is why you belong at this event.


A Message from Keynote Speaker, Karrie Jackson: 

A paradigm shift is a major change in how we think and get things done. The 'Uncharted' Conference is designed to show you EXACTLY how to utilize your strengths to move forward towards your dreams and fulfill your purpose. 


It may sound easier than it is but trust the process. Nothing is too hard when it yields the desired outcome you expect. I have spent decades training, teaching, and mentoring others. I am a pillar of testimony, and my experience reflects well in helping others acknowledge their ability to maximize their full potential. I must challenge you to push the status quo, embrace change, and reach beyond your comfort level to achieve the next level of your potential. You can do it! This methodology applies to anything you want to do.

Attend with great expectations that you will leave the ‘Uncharted’ conference filled with a hunger to do something that you were once afraid to do! Perhaps it is to write a book, maybe it is to start a business, or it could be that you want to add on to something you already have established! Whatever it is, go ahead and find your way to the ‘Uncharted’ conference, and let's get you going! 

None of us have ever been to a place without "getting there" and knowing something about the destination. On October 12th, let's focus on the end result and how I will assist you in getting there. Come, let me guide you to go places you have always wanted to go in life, business, or ministry.


You will be given the opportunity to work one-on-one with me. I will teach master-level skills during the event and provide each person with enough resources to jumpstart their passion and productivity to reach new territory in their lives. Bring your renewed mindset, your willingness to learn, and your calendar so you can schedule a future session to have some dedicated time to work with me on your individual goals!

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